Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Beginning...

So here I am...the most technologically unadvanced teacher of the year in recent history, I'm sure.  But this blog came out of a couple of recent conversations I've had where friends of mine asked me to post my experiences over the upcoming year.

On September 28, my school had a surprise assembly announcing that I was the new teacher of the year for the state of New Hampshire.  I can't express how overwhelmed I was in the following weeks by everybody's kind words and gestures.  I heard from people who knew me when I was a child, Alex Ray, my chimney sweep, old teachers, long lost friends, previous students, and of course, current friends and colleagues.  Thank you so much to everybody for your support--I am so fortunate to be surrounded by people like you!

It was also overwhelming for the first week, because people I didn't know recognized me and came up to me when I was out in public--strangers at the Common Man, parents on the common in Plymouth, and even a group of women in Kohls down in Tilton!

For the time being, Eric Nash, still reigns as 2010 NH Teacher of the Year, and is doing a remarkably fine job at it, so my family and I are trying to have restorative time in preparation for the busy year ahead!  On December 15 he will pass the "crown" to me at a dinner at the Common Man in Plymouth.

Over the next year I will be sure to post all of the adventures!

Thanks again for everybody's support!

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