Monday, April 11, 2011

Introducing...the 2012 Nominees!

When you put a group of teachers together, their proclivity toward collaboration erupts.  This was once again evident as I moved through the crowd to meet the 28 2012 TOY nominees.  I heard ideas being spread and saw them scribbled down in notebooks.  As for myself, I latched on to a man who was working with parents in a way I am attempting in a pilot project next year.  I had a thousand questions for a teacher whose school is moving towards standards based grading.  I got a quick rundown on ways to use Glogster.  I was fascinated with the way a school integrates arts.  Teachers naturally teach, and today, in Concord, I was taught a great deal by these wonderful, talented educators.  When given the opportunity to dialogue, we learn from one another--and this should be kept in mind for those greater gods in charge of professional development.  Some of my most inspired ideas come from after hour conversations with the math teacher next door.  Teachers thrive on's what we do best.  And I am so grateful for those who shared with me today.  Thank you!

And now comes the tough part... after meeting all 28 nominees, we had to choose 8 semifinalists.  What a difficult task.  After sitting, talking, and reading with the selection committee, I am even more so humbled by this award.  We had to eliminate 20 dynamite teachers today, and I am afraid that somehow we missed somebody.  I told everybody today though, and I would like to reiterate this--that teachers do not pat one another on the back enough, nor do we pat ourselves on the back at all.  So to be recognized--to have a nomination at all--is an absolute honor.  Congratulations to all of them.

Below are some pictures of only a handful of nominees...unfortunately, I was slow on the uptake with the camera & got involved in too many great conversations to document everybody...sorry if I missed you!

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