Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Day of Professional Development -- Day 2 in DC

View of the Washington Monument as we walked from the Smithsonian Castle.

Yesterday I spent the morning at the Smithsonian Castle, and then moved over to the American History Museum where a small group of us examined object-based teaching.  It was very interesting to think about the different stories that objects can tell, and I came away with some new ideas for my classroom, and some things to share with my team for their classrooms.  I am also amazed at the resources available through the Smithsonian Museums, and I am eager to explore their online resources in the future!

Unfortunately, my camera battery died and I did not bring the charger, so I can't retrieve the pictures from this experience until I get home (unless I can find a Kodak store tomorrow!).  Among other things, I have pictures of Dorothy's ruby red slippers, a cracked schoolbus window from a Boston bus that had rocks thrown at it during integration, the hoods that Surratt, Herold, Atzerodt, Mudd, etc. were hung in (for my 6th graders!), and the original Kermit the Frog (the one that as made from Henson's mother's coat that I wrote about in my Academic Fair last year!)  Here are some pictures that I as able to get from a friend:
Jennifer Facciolini and me--at the Museum of American History
Michelle Obama's inaugural dress--it's funny, in the pictures it looks stunning on her,
but in life it looks kind of ratty.  I didn't really like it.  Those are, though, Jimmy Choo shoes!

This is the counter from the Greensboro Woolworth's lunch counter, where
black college students refused to be treated as second class citizens and
insisted on sitting here, laying the foundation for the Civil Rights Movement. 

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