Sunday, May 1, 2011

Exploring the Neighborhood--Day One in DC

Over the next week I will be in Washington DC.  As promised to my students, I will post daily updates & pictures sharing my adventures!

Today, I left the sunny warm skies of New Hampshire, only to arrive to a cool, drizzly, gray day here in DC.  However, the weather cannot possibly detract from the beauty of the area where I am staying. Embassy Row is near Dupont Circle; the streets are lined with old, elegant houses that act as foreign embassies.  I took a stroll in the light showers and took some pictures of these georgeous embassies.  I'm having a hard time placing the countries with the pictures, so some of them are left blank...but I attempted to label as many as possible!
I also need to state that I am having a very difficult time with pictures on blogspot--they don't go where I want them to I apologize for the chaotic display!

This, actually, isn't an embassy--it's a country club.  But it
is such a gorgeous building, I had to snap a shot of it!

Sudan's embassy!  I thought my HCS friends
would like this!

This is the embassy of Mexico, and I totally fell in love with it--while manyof the buildings here look like old Federalist, American style buildings, this one looks like it's straight out of Mexico!  All it needs is a goat and a couple of rusty bikes!  I love Mexican architecture, so this one really struck a nerve with me.

This is for my dear boy, Elliot who loves all things Japanese. 
The Japanese embassyis huge--it's a compound!

Embassy of Spain

This, too, is not an embassy--it is a Muslim
Women's Center.  the architecture is very
Moroccan--I thought it was just gorgeous.

Ireland embassy

Embassy of Greece

Indian embassy behind a beautiful statue of Ghandi

Statue of Ghandi

This is the Fairfax Hotel @ Embassy Row where we're staying!

This is a lawyer's office, not an embassy, but I thought it was a magnificent building!

The embassy of Madagascar!

The embassy of Egypt

More architecture of the Women's Muslim Center
Embassy of Zambia
I can't remember which embassy this is--Croatia, maybe? 
My husband said this statue reminded him of me--he's seen me many times
sitting, engrossed and lost in a book doing a yoga pose or stretch ...
Haiti's embassy

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