Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Delaying Activism...Just One More Day.

I have an email box filling up with alerts about issues that teachers will be facing if certain laws are passed in the legislature.  I'm grabbed in the hallway and told about a school that is being closed.  A superintendent calls me and tells me about a teaching contract that wasn't passed in her district.  An old acquaintance bumps into me in the grocery store and complains about teacher unions.

I worry about teachers and the state of education night and day and know I need to be proactive.

But here I am, on a Wednesday night, still at school, and while I start to research compulsory education pros and cons and international education structures, preparing for what I want to write about emphatically and loudly, I find myself drifting off into computer land...and soon I am planning my next project for 6th grade reading...emailing the woman from Sudef about the book my students are about to create and ship to Sudan...practicing some new bits of technology before I perform it in front of my students...coming up with more ideas...getting excited about my job.

It feels complacent.  But so much more comfortable...Tomorrow I will be an activist.

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