Thursday, March 10, 2011

State Board of Education Meeting--a Message for Educators

Yesterday I had the pleasure of addressing the State Board of Education.  While bit of an intimidating situation (seven board members in a horseshoe with me sitting next to my coordinator at a table in front of them--it felt as though I was on trial), it was an honor to speak to them, and I want teachers to know that after much consideration of what to say to such a group, I represented you.  I told your stories and expressed your concerns.  I wanted the opportunity to be about all of my colleagues throughout the state, not me.

The message was well received.  As intimidated as I was, after I had a chance to answer their questions and hear their comments, it was a reminder that behind those desks and suits were regular people with very similar concerns as us.  We have an incredibly dynamic commissioner in Virginia Barry and the other board members are inquisitive, thoughtful, and deliberate, truly wanting to act as advocates for our profession.  I am so appreciative of their service and grateful that I had the opportunity to dialogue with them about the issues in our state.

They reminded me that in this climate we need to remember that there is hope.  That what we do is so incredibly important, and that we cannot allow negativity to seep into our classrooms. 

Standing alongside three of the 2011 NH Teacher of the Year finalists, two previous NH ToYs, and the State Board of Education members on Wednesday, March 9, 2011.  Concord, NH

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