Friday, March 4, 2011

A Rested Brain...& A New Newspaper Column

I am just landing back in reality after a self-admittedly indulgent, warm vacation with my family in St. John that will probably mean we eat only rice, beans, and pasta for the next 6 months and my kids will have clothes with holes in them that ride high above their ankles...but it was much needed for my family life, my marriage, and my professional brain.  I'm feeling a bit more centered and had many long beach talks with my husband that helped me really focus on what I (we, actually)want to do over the course of the next year and over our lives in terms of education and our own personal balance.

With a refreshed outlook and renewed energy, I have returned to find that my first newspaper column was published in Foster's Daily Democrat, and will soon be published in The Record Enterprise.  My email box was full of warm response, mostly from parents, and I thank them for that.  I am so honored that they took the time to read my ramblings!

I'm behind in my posts...I feel like I need to write about recent events in Wisconsin, NH trends in education voting, the event my students shouldered a couple of weeks ago that raised money for Sudan and their next steps...

For now, here's the link to the new article; I'll update as soon as I'm totally reentered!

Foster's Daily Democrat Article 

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