Monday, March 7, 2011

Ten things on my mind today...

1.  I need a name for my newspaper column.

2.  Two hour delays in which you lose your plan period and have to start a new unit and are late because you had a dead car battery are not a nice way to start school again.  But drowning your sorrows in hot cocoa & Milanos with your son at the coffee shop helps.

3.  Parents do truly want us to be superhuman.  And when you're simply human, they write nastygrams...

4.  Tonight will be a long, difficult night at Plymouth Elementary School as we toll over the budget and saving teacher positions.

5.  Our grades are now online.  Hmmm.

6.  I hope the teachers are receptive as I start visiting schools.  Very nervous about that.  What do I say?

7.  How can I start a school in a Mayan village in Mexico...?  It's practically all I think about.

8.  PhD or EdD?  Macaroni & cheese or Chop suey?  Treadmill or icy roads?  Decisions.

9.  I need a publisher for my students' Sudanese book.

10.  Too many conversations today with teachers who feel like their options are burn out, complacency, or change of career...why is it like this?

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